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Flat Repair SERVICES

Got a Flat? Need a new Tire? Stranded on the side of the road? Just give us a call and we will be at your service immediately! We will get you all patched up or get your tires replaced so you can travel safely!


Get your tire repaired or replaced in a jiffy!

Tires. Everyone who owns a vehicle or truck needs them, right? Don’t drive around on old and worn tires when we offer complete tire repair and replacement to keep you safe. Our company features all kinds of necessary equipment for tire repairs at our shop. S & M Repair and Towing is always prepared for onsite 24/7 flat tire assistances.

…we believe regular tire inspections are essential to maintaining fuel efficiency and improving your bottom line – come see us today!

We specialize in all tires, car tires, truck tires and even tractor tires! Our technicians thoroughly inspect various wheel positions for signs of tire stress, wear, and tear. S & M Repair and Towing checks commercial truck tire tread depth, air pressure, and other critical markers (such as loose, missing, broken, cracked, stripped or otherwise ineffective fasteners) to ensure your truck tires and trailers stay in peak performance, and maintain optimal safety.


Wrecker Services, Light or Heavy Towing, Truck & Auto Repair, Vehicle Recovery, Tire Repair, Accident Assistance, Lock Out Service and more…